“Victory” is yet another unfinished Queen written & originated track intended for Hot Space ( confirmed)

Guten Morgen, Sie wunschten, geweckt zu werde

Under Pressure ~ Queen & David Bowie

The mystery is truly now solved!

For a moment I thought I was wrong but I wasn’t.

It is true that Brian May couched his remarks in the rolling stone article so as to be read as I read them, I knew that. But clever man that he is, he was speaking in a way that could also point to Let Me in as well as Victory.

Victory is a unfinished Queen composition
Confirmed, by an independent Queen expert
And it means there is more to come!

“I do believe there is something else coming “Chris Evans

Victory Victory
Michael Jackson, 1983. Freddie sings joint lead vocals and possibly plays piano.
This song began as a Queen track, presumably intended for ‘Hot Space’, but was not completed. It was then worked on by Freddie and Michael Jackson in 1983, but this in turn remains unreleased, although it was reportedly due to be released in 2002 but then cancelled. The track may then have been re-recorded by The Jacksons for their 1984 album of the same name, but if so that version hasn’t been released either. In November 2011, Brian announced that he was working with Roger on the unreleased Freddie and Michael Jackson tracks, which will presumably include this song.

Hot Space the album with David Bowie & Queen collaboration “Under Pressure”
The album means a lot to me and now even more so!
There is a Hot Space for Victory

Cat fight for the rest ( Dancer Demo) Queen ~ Hot Space

Staying power ~ Queen live at the Bowl
Recorded at Mountain Studios, Switzerland, and Musicland, Munich, September 1981 – March 1982
Released 1982


Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)
Queen ~ Hot Space

Anti-logic: the education plague


Being a part of the emotional peer group zeitgeist club overtakes any instinct for a logical scrutiny of the crap we are fed. And destroys the power of humans to reason and inevitably leads to treason against humanity. This creates enough useful mobs of the deceived; who are primed to be naturally illogical; uncritical thinkers competing with and pitted against other groups of illogical group thinkers. This all serves the goals of the uncritical dumb parrot education, the end of which is to guarantee the safety and security of the psychopaths in the positions of their power.
Education is designed to arm the idiot mob in the hope of disarming the mob of diligence to duty to one another and God, in the power of a Christian. Surely they don’t fear anything but God, they certainly don’t fear a mob with sticks.

And I believe they didn’t even back in the middle ages, as they always had a section of the educated to protect the power and influence on society of the kings,( kings who shaped the dumb down immorality of the “state” and shaped the ” status Quo” of how society should be in their own warped minds, and so shaped the governmental doctrine of governance ) so no, they were not afraid of the violence of the mob, even if with sticks, the kings mob had more sticks, they were afraid of exposure to God’s principles above their own will.
And I do not believe in persecuting people for what are moral sins either, I am talking about what is TRUTH and moral guidance involves what you condone.

We have two closely related freedom principles:
Freedom of thought and freedom of conscience
Now are we to stamp out the thoughts of a murderer
Before he murders no matter what justification he may reason, we all agree that murder is murder, maybe he is provoked then let us say manslaughter.

And then we have freedom of conscience which is related to religious freedom

But let us not mistake a religious freedom with a murderer’s justification with that of an evil morally un sanctioned murder in the name of a provenly immoral and false god.

Now people may appeal , in condemnation of the true and morally justified God, missing the un fathomable Wisdom and foreknowledge of God here , not realising his foreknowledge that Abraham would not have to kill his first born son, and then use that discounting God’s speed and foreknowledge that he knew the act would not have to take place, but the command was given to Abraham and for and about obedience above all to God, and love for him above even his own son.

And then discounting that , some may illogically say or think that God was unjust in asking Abraham to kill his only son.

Then some may say , well God not only asked that but he commanded war against the enemies of Israel in order to pave the way for settling them in the land he planned the messiah to born in and so redeem mankind.

But Who are we to judge the very judge himself?
But then say that’s a matter of your saying and a matter of faith
But considering the mess the world is and man is,

How is God to deal with continual disobedience individuals and of the nations , if not by wars?
because God certainly does judge by wars.
And so what leads to them is the disobedience of men.

So we can say the evil of the doctrines of Islam are a judgment from God against the nations.
Yes we can.
But do not mistake that as a condoning of that evil of Islam by the true God.
For war comes as a result of evil and is a judgement on IT

The Christians were first murdered by the Roman Empire and then by the Catholic Roman Empire
They did not WAR
And any groups that form Christendom that warred against Rome were not following Christ.
So I want to make the distinction between WAR and the act of MURDER and to give insight into the Will of the true God who is Love, which is to NOT MURDER and NOT WAR
For that is the fulfilment of the kingdoms principles and so GOD’s command NOW
They shall learn war no more and do not live by the sword
Christ certainly did not live by the sword of war for those who dispute the inference of the command, and we are to walk as he walked.

But maybe our evil leaders who treacherously do not do anything to protect their peoples from this instigator of evil, the very books teachings and doctrines of Islam

Because of what they do not do and because of what they do in response, and what they speak with a blasphemous insult to truth and the true God
that is they choose to attack mankind ( mankind being the self identified as Muslims – but still only mankind )
So we can deduce those disobedient leaders themselves are a judgement of God because of our individual disobedience which collectively amounts to the the nations disobedience. And that includes the sins of those who they are attacking in wars.

But does that mean we can become like fools and believe a politician when he lies and says that Islam is religious of peace?

That is like saying the motivating thoughts that preclude emanate and ruminate calculatingly in the mind and drive a murderer to commit a murder , are matters of conscience and freedom of thought and religion.

They obviously are not.

But they like Islam in reality, for it conforms with the corrupt world view, and like themselves and like Catholicism justifies WAR. They all have a lot in common for they are ALL of this world.

The biblical prophecies concerning the coming of the man of sin , all focus on the glorification of WAR and worship of WAR
If you are given the spiritual understanding through The Holy Spirit of TRUTH of God , of how to understand the New Testament prophecies on those things with those of the Old Testament prophecies on the same things, this WAR theme is evident in those prophecies.

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

“You want to fulfil the lusts of your father the devil, he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth because there is no truth in him.”

But that is what our leaders and kings are in fact doing and condoning when they praise Islam, they are praising the preemptive cognitive fully causal and related instructions to commit the act of illegal murder against those who will not surrender to follow the same actions as it commands, the very act of murder, in its own filthy immoral way.
And is of the father of lies lusts and speaks the same lies as the devil and has the same goals; that of MURDER.
And so do the leaders of this world for they aid and cover by lies the murder doctrines by lying about the goals of the doctrines of the Koran, Which are doctrines that command adherents to commit MURDER on behalf of the natural lust of the devil, the father of Lies.

Let us not forget that according to our own laws, the command to murder in the Koran , those who will not follow the same command to murder that is in the Koran, is in itself an illegal unlawful immoral command and so the doctrine asking for that murder is an illegal doctrine .
And as such can , and should be treated as a crime to be in print and read and distributed and followed by men or women or children, and should be forcefully seized and removed and destroyed by the full force of our laws and law enforcers as a matter of duty, the duty which falls to those who are sworn to uphold the laws of our lands.

I do not believe other peoples faults or sins are my own business, and so I do not believe they are any kings or governments business either.
But kings and leaders have a duty to not condone the thoughts of murderers and speak of them as freedom issues as if they are matters of free thought and free conscience.

We may not be able to change the pre emptive thoughts and clear instructional thought patterns inside a murderers mind that lead to a murderous act, but we certainly should not pretend those thoughts are 1 of God and 2 of a peace loving nature.

The same is So when the Koran’s and Islamic doctrines tell a adherent to murder an unbeliever without any mercy because they will not bow to Islam.

God is a just judge but Allah most certainly is not
For God in his wisdom dealt with man in mercy through Jesus Christ, but Islam wants to impose a bloodthirsty empire of terror in service to a perpetual servitude to Allah where no freedom of conscience exists anymore at all.

I do not believe anybody’s faults and sins are any of my business.
But that does not mean I would actively seek to spread an immorality as a societal trend and norm, and it certainly does not mean I believe governments should actively defend that which is designed to oppress peoples freedom to be free, such as Islam does, the doctrine of which ( that is the enemy; the doctrine, not the people ) teaches their followers to seek to outlaw and by force crush and eradicate mans choices and failings , in other words Islam seeks to enforce a corruption of what is cloaked so patently falsely as moral ( i.e Islam is using evil to enforce a false premise based upon stealing and changing yet having a slight resemblance the holy mosaic laws) and the doctrines of Islam directs its followers to impose by laws which justify war as means to accomplish this evil upon the world.
and our politicians and kings approve of this?

This is where just use of the sword if needed against the evil doer is justified. It is an act of Judgement on evil.

But that does not mean kings are justified to invade and use the sword against peoples they do not themselves govern.

But they have a duty to seek out and outlaw the source of the evil in their own countries and eradicate the source of the problem which is the doctrines of Islam that corrupts people into acting upon its evil direction, and causes them to seek the realisation of the doctrines goals, which is to enforce by violence and through an evil unmercifully condemning immoral law , it’s evil, immoral, wicked will on their own respective governed peoples.

Catholicism Sought the same and still holds as authoritative the same doctrines that impose this oppression with the same ungodly evil false teachings which are seeking the same goals as the doctrines of Islam seeks.

Yet both these evil things that are directly mocking God’s will are supported by kings and leaders or this world.

This should not be so, if the kings and leaders of this world were to govern justly and rightly and do good, this would not be so.
But it is so.

They, our kings and leaders are treacherously derelict in their duty to protect their citizens, the weak and poor from this evil design led by the following of a corrupt and evil doctrine known as Islam, our leaders kings and governments are derelict in their duty by NOT opposing the source of this evil which is the teachings, the very books and doctrines of Islam which are illegal for they incite murder in their prescriptive teachings and commands to their adherents and so are illegal according to our own laws, the doctrines of Islam and Catholicism also, that threaten, boldly and arrogantly the freedom of humanity to have free will, they talk of the evil doctrines of Islam as though they are good and peaceable as if the doctrines of Islam are not a direct threat to the people of any nations freedoms which are enshrined in the Various laws of the nations who’s leaders and kings are sworn and have a duty to protect.
And these leaders who call good evil and evil good by arrogantly lying about the nature of the doctrines of Islam are an affront to God, for plainly the doctrines of Islam are not of peace at all.

And these kings and leaders through history and now still design and designed a way to stamp such notions of Christian morality which involves moral understanding and personal responsibility to God and each other in love , but does not involve being a judge over others in any way, unlike demonic religions do.

Their designs to stamp out true Christian morality began with killing Christ himself and then his followers.

There has been no worldly Christ kingdom or Christendom as it’s called , for it ( Christendom born of Catholicism )is the very means by which they sought to stamp adherence to Jesus Christ’s teachings life and spirit out.

This deception was achieved Partly by appeal to their own authority and partly by trying to present a worldly religious morality dressed up as a lamb, but suiting their own will, speaking like a dragon that is.
And so justifying murder and whatever else they felt was needed to realise their psychopathic goals of totalitarian or deceptively even democratic lust for power.

So no , the enemy they want to educate out, is those empowered with the integrity of the truth that comes from God and enables men to live a fully connected; spiritually enlightened life of true love through Jesus Christ, and through him alone.
History shows this. But because they chose to play this wilful game, they merely end up as pawns in the hands of God who will have victory in the end, and their end is in his hands and according to his will, not their own.
I am not against authority even a nations Sovereign worldly government. One , I don’t believe in them though,or aspire to honouring the principles of this world, for the principles of this world are not the principles of Christ. But obviously they are the reasonings and principles of all worldly authority.

but history shows the imperfection of Kings and all forms of human governments and the corruption of man is central to the failures, and only Christ can redeem man.
So in truth he is the only asking worthy of following, and I believe that is the key problem you highlight in your article, who do we follow, who do we believe and who do we listen to, and who do we or I agree has the means of and so power of, and is the truth.

I do not believe in rebelling against authority . If you read closely you can see I don’t believe in what they believe in though. And that is why I don’t believe in rebelling against authority.

The miracle – Queen

And a final thought for those who argue murdering none Muslims which is a command in the Koran is only in times of war etc
For a start Islam like Catholicism justifies war in pursuit of its spreading,
But for those who argue, Christians and other minorities are allowed to live under some sharia super state caliphate.
Well let’s see now:

every single thing in that great vision of a repressive second class persecution for Christians and every other minority including those unfortunate enough to be born female, in the great caliphate of evil would be and is a complete antithesis of every single western morally based ideal that has brought equality under the laws of both the USA Europe the uk and every single civilised nation on earth, equality freedoms and recognition of natural rights as human beings for each individual no matter what their race creed or sex etc.

So for the western beast kings and political leaders/ traitors to fully back Islam which is a political and religious hate filled working of satan, flies in the face of every political correct piece of nonsense these wicked treacherous lying psychopaths so gleefully ram down our throats, from the pulpits of their illegitimate super states and our now unlawfully occupied (because of their illegal unlawful covenant breaking acts of treachery) parliaments and congresses etc etc.

The worst display of such political correct nonsense, being the utter joke of treating the absolute assault on liberties and affronts to constitutional law enshrined freedoms to a policy of kinship friendship political favour and affording the very doctrines of Islam to be illegally printed in any civilised country.
That is the worst and most heinous act of treachery of the political correct psychopaths who are active enemies of God and freedom and legally and lawfully proven traitors.

And I will strongly reiterate this truth
Islam as a doctrine is breaking every advanced western countries laws by being in print. But the beast who rule the west ignore law and are lawless traitors .

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Anti-logic: the education plague

by Jon Rappoport

September 19, 2014


In all times and places, logic is never taught to the masses. There is no intention to do so.

Now, in our “egalitarian society,” education carries with it great PR pretension, a fakery that outflanks any other period in history.

Therefore, graduating students wrongly believe they know how to think.

In my collection, The Matrix Revealed, I include a basic logic course that analyzes passages of text for flaws and fallacies in reasoning.

In my latest collection, Power Outside the Matrix, I include a long audio tutorial, Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation, which is all about carrying out deep investigations of major official scenarios/stories, and discovering how and where these official structures can be penetrated, taken apart, and unfolded, so all their flaws and deceptions are exposed.

These two trainings are meant to remedy the deep hole…

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The full show Chris Evans Queen world exclusive 6 days left to listen


Queen exclusive first play of three new tracks from their new Album “Forever”
Available in UK
Pre-order here

“Love Kills” – Queen Forever (2014) last track played on radio 2 world exclusive – ‘ I do Believe there’s something else coming’ Chris Evans

“Love Kills” – Queen Forever (2014)

This was the last of the three tracks played on the Chris Evans world exclusive first play of tracks from the new Queen Album “Queen Forever” but tellingly Chris Evans said “I Do believe there’s something else coming”

Order of play in between news breaks etc

There Must Be More To Life Than This
Queen & Michael Jackson
William Orbit Mix.

Let Me In
Queen Forever 2014

Love Kills
Queen Forever 2014

Are Queen going to tour live
Yes or no – Chris Evans

Yes we are – Brian May & Roger Taylor

Then they later played “Love Kills”
After that track Chris Evans Said;

“I do believe there’s something else coming “- Chris Evans
After playing all three new tracks.
And after already announcing the tour previous to this statement of ” I think there’s something else coming”

The point I am making is this
Was he talking about the ending
or something else
in a coded way?
It was convenient that ending
Perfect opportunity to say what he said.
“Love Kills” – Queen Forever (2014) last track played on radio 2 world exclusive – ‘ I do Believe there’s something else coming’ Chris Evans
Could he have been hinting about something else coming
Like the other Mercury/ Jackson session tracks being released by Jackson’s Estate on a Michael Jackson release.
hope so!


Queen & Michael Jackson – “There Must Be More To Life Than This” ( William Orbit mix)

Queen & Michael Jackson – “There Must Be More To Life Than This” ( William Orbit mix)

Queens new single “Let Me In ” hear it now! Right now!!

Let me in – Queen

This is one of Queens best songs , and It is as if Freddie just recorded it a day ago in London.
The lyrics are different than what the other version was.
Another Brian May Queen classic
Another new Freddie speaking song. When Freddie speaks you cannot help but stand to attention and listen.

Michael Jackson + Queen
There Must Be More To Life Than This
Mixed by Producer William Orbit

Fresh queen releases have a strange affect on me.
Once I collapsed when I heard one and was out cold.
True. I have to be careful, this one has too much power, it may send me over the edge.
I have to learn to cope with the power and find ways of regionalising and rationalising the shock treatment so it does not over power my mind,
Excuse me while I concentrate.
This song is batshit crazy good, but it’s too much for me to take in, yet I cannot stop listening to it. It is too vivid and makes Freddie alive so strongly it is scary!
I mean , doesn’t he sound so immediate to you?

And I have just clicked what a great Album it is

The song order is perfect Flowing from one track to another, the way the songs follow one another , it is very well chosen Track play order that flows very well with some better known and lesser known songs. I can see it is orgasmic sonic feast just by seeing what song is together with which.
Who knows what’s been done to them also, they may be slightly different.

CDC whistle blower William Thompson’s call to Congress

CDC whistle blower William Thompson’s call to Congress


What more could anyone want in the way of evidence for an ongoing crime?

There is a video posted at the autism media channel/YouTube, and at Age of Autism: “William Thompson’s call to Congress.”

It is a recording of a telephone call between CDC whistleblower Thompson and Brian Hooker, PhD. No date is given.

Presumably, the call was recorded before August 27, when Thompson went public with a statement admitting he, and his co-authors, cooked a study on the MMR vaccine and thereby hid the vaccine’s connection to autism.

I also presume Thompson didn’t know (or would now say he didn’t know) that the call was being recorded.

Thompson makes highly explosive comments on the phone call:

“The CDC has put the [autism] research ten years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed ten years of research [on the autism-vaccine connection].”

“CDC is…they’re paralyzed. The whole system is paralyzed right now.”

“I have a boss who’s asking me to lie…if I’m forced to testify, I’m not gonna lie. I basically have stopped lying.”

“Really, what we need is for Congress to come in and say, ‘Give us the data and we’re gonna have an independent contractor do it,’ and bring in the autism advocates [who understand the vaccine-autism connection] and have them intimately involved in the studies.”

More >>>>> http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/breaking-cdc-whistleblower-ive-stopped-lying/

Lettre a France – Raphael Donadieu

Lettre a France Raphael Donadieu

Amazing new Queen tracks- Thank You Freddie Brian Roger John and Michael and William – beautiful songs all A+

I have just heard the new tracks
I take back all my doubts and grumbles , totally based upon the expectation that more Jackson sessions seemed to have been clearly hinted at , like, undoubtably so, and when I saw they were not on the track list on amazon, I was angry.

( about victory )

( not changed my mind about the biopic though, and as far as that’s concerned you must listen to everything I say or it won’t happen anyway )

Back to the new tracks
They are really good.

Heavenly to hear the clarity of such superb songs
Amazing , truly absolutely amazing!
That let me in your heart again is quite good.
I mean it is perfect really.


It will be ready to re listen to eventually

When asked about the tour
Brian said yes
Yes to the question
So they are going to tour

But strangely then Chris said
you voted?
( why does he bring up a vote?)
And they both said yes
But coincidently or NOT
Who knows
(This is the day of the Scottish independence vote)
But Brian and Roger are not Scottish -!

Chris then again said
So you voted yes?

then, Brian said
Yes we voted yes ,
but we are not allowed to talk about THE WAR!! And mumbled something and kinda laughed and somebody said

conspiracy much!
How do you like that tidbit
I am nearly deaf in one ear and suffer from tinnitus
Never stick a cotton bud right into your inner ear

The miracle – Queen
I hope Scotland doesn’t go to war over the no vote
That’d be very sad and totally insane.
And I hearby disallow any such total bullshit fake WAR!

Breaking—CDC whistleblower: “I’ve stopped lying.”


Is that why he is not heard on mainstream media?
Because of lies?

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

Breaking—CDC whistleblower: “I’ve stopped lying.”

by Jon Rappoport

September 17, 2014



What more could anyone want in the way of evidence for an ongoing crime?

There is a video posted at the autism media channel/YouTube, and at Age of Autism: “William Thompson’s call to Congress.”

It is a recording of a telephone call between CDC whistleblower Thompson and Brian Hooker, PhD. No date is given.

Presumably, the call was recorded before August 27, when Thompson went public with a statement admitting he, and his co-authors, cooked a study on the MMR vaccine and thereby hid the vaccine’s connection to autism.

I also presume Thompson didn’t know (or would now say he didn’t know) that the call was being recorded.

Thompson makes highly explosive comments on the phone call:

“The CDC has put the [autism] research ten years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed ten…

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UN climate change: 1000 scientists say no

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

UN climate change: 1000 scientists say no

by Jon Rappoport

September 18, 2014


Read it.

It’s a shocking 321-page report assembled by The Climate Depot:

“More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims.”

It names names. It lists reasons for the dissent.

Reality is engineered consensus. But when that doesn’t work, “experts” just assert there is a consensus when there isn’t.

“What the hell, let’s just say that ‘everybody agrees’ manmade warming is destroying Earth and we have ten minutes to solve it, and let’s get our friends in the press to shut out the naysayers. You know, media blackout.”

Science is supposed to be about evidence and proof, not consensus. But that idea is now laughed out of court. Science is about PR and who sits on the important thrones.

Which is why the UN is holding Climate Summit 2014 in New York in…

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Forever Queen is released on amazon uk

Queen online comment
by akindofmagic » Fri Sep 19, 2014 12:41 am

Well.. just one Jacko…..
I imagine that State of Shock and Victory (both queen versions)will have a debut in a future Michael compilation.

Hope so

Freddie Mercury!
What happened to Peter Freestones toilet door?

I am really quite shocked

Disc: 1
1. Let Me In Your Heart Again

Not so sure about the impact of this even with Freddie on vocals

(Well after hearing it is the best and should be pushed as a single)

2. Love Kills – The Ballad <<<<< that will be powerful and good
After hearing
I am undecided on this,
I really need to here this version more

There must be more to life, the only Jackson session release

After hearing it
Was very good , but like Roger and Brian said, the vocals are way too low, so need tweaking.

3. There Must Be More To Life Than This (William Orbit Mix)
This should be interesting

4. Play The Game
5. Dear Friends
6. You're My Best Friend
7. Love Of My Life
8. Drowse
9. You Take My Breath Away
10. Spread Your Wings
11. Long Away
12. Lily Of The Valley
13. Don't Try So Hard
14. Bijou
15. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
16. Nevermore
17. Las Palabras De Amor
18. Who Wants To Live Forever
Disc: 2
1. I Was Born To Love You
2. Somebody To Love
3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
4. Friends Will Be Friends
5. Jealousy
6. One Year of Love
7. A Winters Tale
8. '39
9. Mother Love
10. It's A Hard Life
11. Save Me
12. Made in Heaven
13. Too Much Love Will Kill You
14. Sail Away Sweet Sister
15. The Miracle
16. Is This The World We Created
17. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
18. Forever

Good, why complain.
I only complain because I am greedy for more anyway.

Queen’s ” Victory” truly is not known about, but sadly,” Let Me in” will be no big surprise as anyone can go listen to it right now.

“Victory” truly is not known about, but sadly,” Let Me in”
will be no big surprise as anyone can go listen to it right now
Over on the index page, and it’s superb!

I want Victory!



19 September and the big Queen Forever announcement – Let me in your heart again is not a new song and Victory is not a Jackson song

If we are to believe what Brian May says in his interview with rolling stone, about the new “unheard” song that was never completed By Freddie and Queen , I concede it could be “let me in “
Yes, I concede it could be.
Yet, it means we were tricked into thinking it’s a new song.
It’s not!
It’s not it’s not!

Tricked yes tricked!
When in reality it is not a new song at all , as Brian May , completed it , and wrote it and produced and released a finished version of it with his wife Anita Dobson.

And so , far from it being a mystery, unheard,not ever completed or known to anyone in the universe song, anybody can go and hear the melody on you tube now.

I have yet to hear Anita’s version of “my way” yet I already know how That tune goes, don’t need a leak.

As for Victory, we can still be sure is a Queen track, because Brian May said ,”

“some of the tapes Freddie and Michael worked on had us ( all of Queen) playing on the backing tracks”

As “Some” means more than one, hence more than just more than life than this = victory has to be the other ONE

Those backing track tapes are the ones Freddie took with him for Michael and he to sing to.
And he took backing tracks with him on tapes that Queen had already made before hand, their ideas in other words!

So we know that Victory had to have been a Queen originated song, -
As was and is ” There Must Be More To Life than this”

But if the big deal is all about The Brian May song, “Let me in”
then we have truly been tricked into thinking there is a totally new song that nobody knows about in any shape or form.

“Victory” truly is not known about, but sadly,” Let Me in”
will be no big surprise as anyone can go listen to it right now.

And if it is the case the only song that they are on about is ” let ME in” and it is the mystery song that they have been calling “new, never finished, never heard, !!!!!!

then “There Must be More to lIfe than this” can be easily in the same manner be called new also!
When in reality it ain’t really new at all!

As nobody has ever heard the real duet or the real demo of that song either!
But people are certainly aware of the melody and how the song itself sounds! Don’t need some leak, they can easily listen to them both now!

Nothing is new about ” Let Me in” and “There Must Be More To Life Than This” both have already been released and the songs and how they sound as song structures are well known.
The only difference being;

one was written by Freddie Mercury the other by Brian May.

But both are Not new songs as they have been heard and released and are not unknown or new to anyone, as the melodies have been heard, never mind leaked!

I will be disappointed if this is really the trick of the tale.

Immigrant song ~ Led Zeppelin

19 September World exclusive !! 3 new Queen tracks featuring Michael Jackson ready to be played from their new album ” Queen forever ” on the Chris Evans breakfast show Friday morning

Chris Evans announced Thursday that he will be playing up to 3 new Queen tracks from their forthcoming album Queen Forever, on his show this Friday morning from 6.30 am.
New recordings of Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury will be included in the premiered tracks from the new Queen Forever album


Listen here from 1.35.56 seconds or so
to hear Thriller by Michael Jackson then Chris Evans starts to spill the beans .
Then 1.51 next
Then at 2.22.Chris talks further about tomorrow’s show.

Army special forces send angry complaint letter to government


Angry letter from some special people in the army

“To the political leaders of America,

I write to you today regarding my concerns about the current state in which we find our beloved planet and your efforts in resolving the many issues we face.Over the last decade, we have managed to allow our mighty position at the head of the table to dwindle down to a seat at the kids table, with our counsel being received as if it were that of a child making a suggestion on how to cure the world of evil: everyone thinks it is adorable, but no one takes it seriously.

To put it politely, you all are about as successful in global politics as an overweight middle-aged American with a severe case of tetanus trying to perform fellatio on himself.

Understanding that you have the attention span of indigenous forces undergoing rifle training, I give you the options of either reading this letter in its entirety or simply skipping to the last two paragraphs.

Sadly, you neither get the reference about indigenous forces (ask your college educated SMEs and think tanks) nor are you capable of making a decision on what to do next. Go ahead and post a tweet asking for thoughts/advice and hashtag this out with the others. #hashtaggingworldproblemsisabsurd #noseriouslystopit #itisridiculousandembarrassing You have time, this letter will still be here.

Due your ineptitude in your decisions with regard to who we back with foreign aid, and your complete lack of a spine in dealing with global threats, we find ourselves, for the first time in ages, being looked at with eyes filled with disdain and disrespect.

The mere mention of ‘America’ leaves a bad taste in the mouths of our friends and allies. The prospects of being saved by our once-great nation are now nothing more than a fleeting thought in the hearts and minds of Third World Country natives who dream of a life with fewer hardships than ones they currently face—hardships that could be vanquished by the hands of a great nation and its allies.

We have entered into a time in which it is not only possible to spread one’s hate filled rhetoric, it is also actually profitable and protected. Your understanding and misinterpretations of our founding freedoms are being used and twisted to further your own political agendas without any consideration for the people you are meant to represent.

Your understanding (or lack thereof) of our Constitution contributes to the complete madness of a country that is run where someone’s rights to desecrate the flag that represents these very freedoms is more important than the patriotic peoples who stand to protect it. Allowing people to lose houses or be fined for flying the American flag on their property due to it offending someone or being against a housing covenants is beyond ludicrous. It’s both absurd and frightening. These are just a few examples of countless rights that are being used to tear the very fabric of which this country is founded.

You see, all of you have forgotten the very key that makes this country work. You fight for one’s freedoms to express their beliefs regardless of where their loyalties lie. Using our very own founding documents, you argue that it is ones right to speak and act freely on their beliefs, regardless of their view of this great nation.

For fear of offending someone to pure political motivations, you stand up for the very people that wish to tear you down. What you, as well as most Americans have forgotten is this: Those individual rights end where others begin! It may be ones right to protest a certain religions display or another’s stance on certain political views, however, it is also the others right to display and have those stand points.

If one is offended by a shirt displayed with an image of a gun, a flag of our nation, a statue representing their faith in their chosen religion or any other example; that is their right to be offended and speak out. However, it is the others right to wear that shirt, fly that flag, display that statue or whatever else they wish to do. Freedom cannot be one-sided. The complete madness of political correctness is overwhelming.

You have stripped away our 1st Amendment rights by disguising it as political correctness and making the very people that make this country great afraid of offending any and everyone. I use these examples in our own country as the catalyst that has spawned our current position on the global stage.

Through political motivation or just complete incompetence, your methods of governing our country have clouded your views and thought processes for helping forge a united world. We stand at the table, with weak knees and shivering hands. Our word as a nation holding as much weight as that of our President doing curls in the gym. We have all seen the video…

We live in a world where you can contest our very lands with flyovers without consequence. A world where one can sweep through two entire countries, massacring everyone along the way with no fear repercussions. One where sanctions and empty threats are wielded as a mighty sword against the very enemies that threaten our existence. You fail to see that in today’s world, the pen is not mightier than the sword.

You have demonstrated this time and time again over the last 13 years. Take Afghanistan for example. Politics alone have been the source of Taliban resurgence. How could this be? Let me school you. In 2001, a mixture of CIA, Special Forces and other Special Operations Forces (SOF), in very limited numbers, swept through the entire country of Afghanistan, demolishing the Taliban forces that stood in its way. Thinking that the back had been broken, we backed off and brought more and more ground forces in the country.

As time went on, more and more troops arrived and operational control was taken away from the Special Operations types, to make way for conventional commands. Along with this came more and more restricted Rules of Engagement.

Fast forward to 2006. Following more political moves and further NATO control, we found ourselves in an Afghanistan where the freedom of movement for the insurgents is unprecedented in Operation Enduring Freedom—a freedom of movement that not only limits NATO troops ground movements, but also has even the hardest of SOF elements avoiding a drive into Kandahar City. So, NATO asked the US to help. Enter into the timeline, Operation Medusa.

US Special Forces demolished the insurgent forces to the point that insurgent operations in the entire country dropped. The morale of the insurgents also dropped to an all time low, the grounds upon which the new Afghan Government stands, are once again sturdy. Now, fast forward to present day…

What has happened? Are the insurgents in Afghanistan fleeing and backs broken? Far from it. All of this due to your politics. The war effort drawn down to a near standstill due to more and more pointless commands and approval process. All, in which serve to help some pointless commander to further his career and push some pointless political agenda.

You see, the current world in which we find ourselves isn’t one that can be tamed by the pen. The evils of the world find protection behind the shield of your politics. This is due to one simple fact. You have no clue how to play this game. You listen and make decisions based of your Subject Matter Experts who read about war in a book. You base your strategies on the opinions of ‘Think Tanks’ and conventional wisdom. The answers to these problems being spoken by the men on the ground only to be silenced by ‘yes men’. Due to this, you will continue to fail.

Not only will you fail in Afghanistan, you will fail in bringing peace and security back into this world. All of these failures will be caused by you because of one simple factor: none of you have the intestinal fortitude to do what is necessary. You will use your own misguided experiences and delusions gained in your failures in governing our own country as the grounds on which you base your strategies. But understand this, you can’t defeat evil with butterflies and rainbows. And you sure as hell can’t do it with pens and empty words.

Face it, for the most part, our Foreign Policy is a joke and your efforts on the global stage are nothing short of pathetic. Not going into the fact that you all are voted in for the people by the people to do a job, a job in which you are failing. At least you all aren’t receiving a ridiculous paycheck and benefits package for providing a public service. oh wait…

Our saving grace is that there are still a handful of you that will find this, as frustrating as it is, accurate and motivating. But, then again, if that was the case, then we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation. Oh the conundrum. We have faith in our abilities as a nation. We have faith in our abilities in unconventional war as well as faith in our ability to destroy the current threats to the world given the freedoms and support required to do so.

So, I write to you today calling you out. You have failed. It is time to hand that Capri Sun and straw over before you put your eye out. You’ve been poking at that hole for some time now. You gave it your best lil buddies, but it’s time. Pull those trainers up around your waist, latch down the Velcro, and watch how real men fight wars.

It is time to unleash the hounds. You have had over a decade of war filled with warriors that would gladly step up and fight. These former service members are battle hardened and ready. More importantly, they understand the game. We stand at the gates, waiting to smite all that is evil in this world. You will not defeat the current evils in this world by playing your political chess games because it is spreading at an alarming rate. Unleash us. Back us. Stand behind us.

History has shown us that evil is only successful when the righteous stand aside and do nothing. Let us show the world that it will not tolerate the likes of ISIS or Boko Haram. That there most certainly are repercussions for committing atrocities. Justice will come to them swift and brutal. Step aside and let us do what is necessary! We stand ready!”

What does it look like if you got a pipe sticking out from you left or you right , calf muscle?

Revelation for a Revolution – Brassard Fraudsters



What does it look like if you got a pipe sticking out from you left or you right , calf muscle?
And how do yellow balloons escape shrapnel , and slowly rise into the air and float away?
Also how do yellow balloons survive the impact of a bomb blast, the sheer energy not bursting their thin skins?

Brighton Rock – Live Killers Queen

Brighton Rock – Live Killers Queen
This is my Favourite live version of Brighton Rock
Many people seem to dismiss the live killers album, but I personally think this version of Brighton Rock is the best.

Queen forever ; Victory ; Michael Jackson; Freddie Mercury: My way sung by Sid vicious – a well known already completed and released song done by many artists other than Anita Dobson


“I like leather. I rather fancy myself as a black panther.”
~ Freddie Mercury ~

Over 30 years ago makes it older than 1984

May gave an update on his newest musical project: an album of previously unreleased Queen material, including the much-ballyhooed duet between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. The unnamed track was never finished and, according to May, has never appeared on a Queen bootleg.
“It sounds so fresh, now all carefully transferred into the ProTools environment — but sounding exactly like it did straight off the 24-track tape it was recorded on . . . over 30 years ago,” he wrote. “What’s great is that nobody has got hold of this and leaked it. How brilliant is that? . . . Well, this is something shiny and to all intents and purposes new…

Over 30 years ago
Using the year calculator it arrives at Victory!

Studio album by The Jacksons
Released June 22, 1984
Recorded November 11, 1983 – May 7, 1984
One year more than …
From June 22 1984 release date
Plus thirty years into the future
Date Difference until 2014
30 years 2 months 14 days


More than 30
= November 11, 1983 to now 2014
30 years 9 months 25 days
or 369 months 25 days
or 1608 weeks 0 days
or 11256 days

And from the date of the article were Brian says more than 30 years ago, never finished never leaked never heard:
Date he said it: January 14, 2014 1:33 PM
Minus 30 years or more to the date victory was recorded
Is 30 years 2 months 4 days
So he was right it was more than 30 years ago!

Never been heard discounts any other song you can mention:
It has to be a song that was never finished, it’s hot a reworking , it a song that was never completed, or finished.
victory is the only song that fits that criteria.

Freddie said himself, we never finished them in an interview.
But although this article below is wrong about victory (Wink wink)

it’s right and clear about them never being finished by Freddie and Michael, but both the others state of Shock and Is this the world we created , were both leaked and were released in some form and so finished ,completed! And heard and leaked!

victory however never was!

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My way
the one that is not Anita Dobson’s version
But this time it’s Sid Vicious on vocals.

The mystery track cannot be ” let me in you heart again ” as the mystery track was NEVER Finished

May gave an update on his newest musical project: an album of previously unreleased Queen material, including the much-ballyhooed duet between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. The unnamed track was never finished and, according to May, has never appeared on a Queen bootleg.
“It sounds so fresh, now all carefully transferred into the ProTools environment — but sounding exactly like it did straight off the 24-track tape it was recorded on . . . over 30 years ago,” he wrote. “What’s great is that nobody has got hold of this and leaked it. How brilliant is that? . . . Well, this is something shiny and to all intents and purposes new…

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William orbit in studio peering into space while working on Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson tracks for Queen Forever

William orbit in studio peering into space while  working on Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson tracks for Queen Forever

William orbit in studio peering into space while working on Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson tracks for Queen Forever

William orbit in studio peering into space while working on Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson tracks for Queen Forever

You want to know what the mystery song is?
Read this

” Some of the tapes they worked on
had us on them as well.”
Brian May speaking about the Jackson/ Mercury tapes

” Some of the tapes they worked on had us on them as well.”
Discount state of shock because the Jackson’s did that backing tape ready for Michael to show Freddie

Here is a question to ponder for those interested in the New soon to be released Queen single called Victory , featuring Queen and Michael Jackson.

If the tracks Freddie Mercury took to Michael Jackson that day already had Queen playing instruments on the backing tapes, how then could Victory have been primarily a Jackson song with Mercury only adding his bit?

<Queen have made much about a song from the early 80’s with Freddie on vocals and with all of Queen playing instruments, that has never been heard or leaked , Ever!
Now unless they have another song which fits those specifics, the song they are referring to must be Victory.

If it is not Victory then it means they have…….

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This is ‘How the chemicals got in the cigarettes’

This is ‘How the chemicals got in the cigarettes’

Hey BBC liars! 1954 PHOTOS SHOW STONEHENGE BEING BUILT next the Pyramids!!


SUPERSONIC CAVEMEN BUiLT STONE HENGE according to “logical” science.

A far more scientifically credible solution is that it was built in the modern era, using modern technology like transportation that can lift stones which weigh tons and transport said massive stonery hundreds of miles from the quarry source, I.E supersonic cavemen are a myth.

And now we have photographic proof ( real not fake aged photographs from 1891) that thankfully lays to rest the monumental bullshit that the so called scientifically credible elites wanted us to swallow , about this so called mystery of How it was built.

The arrogance of it all is a monument to the history of arrogance!

Asking us to believe the impossible, asking us to believe in supersonic cavemen! And they call themselves scientists!
and teach children such utter crap!!

All along the whole thing was preposterous.
But now, the obvious is revealed for all to see!

It wasn’t a storm that knocked them over it , was the Griswalds!
Next national lampoons welsh vacation!
the Griswald’s go hundreds of miles to deepest darkest wales, in a hilarious quest to seek the stones, transport them on their car roof, one at a time, and miraculously “rebuild” Stonehenge.

The Griwald's " rebuild" Stonehenge

The Griwald’s ” rebuild” Stonehenge

Stonehenge being built 1954 (Very Real) 3D HD slideshow

All individual photos of the photographic record,
Leaked by the whistle blower, are in the main post.

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What We Lost When the Robots Took Over

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The single biggest problem in communication
is the allusion that it has taken place.
- George Bernard Shaw

what we lost when the robots took over

Get Lost You Stinking Robot by melora

Customer Service & Pleasant Exchanges

When the robots took over, humanity became giddy and all a flutter. The world wide web was an innovation for the ages. A new way to conduct business, with new tools to master our art. With the power to stream movies, bid for vehicles and find a bride, few would understand, that there would have to be a darkside.

Before the robots took over, we would call one another on the phone and when we were in a car, having dinner or walking in the park, the person we were with, had our full attention from the start. We would return messages rather we wanted to or not, because there were social graces, that were expected from all of us. And…

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Exposed: the “heroic Ebola doctor” myth


Build enough medical clinics for the poor and life will change.

Sure it will. Take a person who is suffering from life-threatening gastrointestinal disease, because he is routinely drinking sewage that’s being pumped directly into the water supply, and give him antibiotics. Wonderful. Thanks, Doc.

Take a person who can barely stand, because he’s been pumped full of toxic vaccines—on top of his already-failing immune system—and give him…what? An antidepressant? AZT?

More below

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Exposed: the “heroic Ebola doctor” myth

by Jon Rappoport

September 17, 2014


Every psyop needs heroes as well as villains.

So-called epidemics are managed out of a playbook.

The playbook looks very much like something the CIA would come up with.

I’m going to give you my raw notes. They tell the story.

One: Here’s how the medical matrix is built: “Heroes come to the rescue.” Doctors set up clinics in the middle of epidemics and save lives. They work miracles.

Two: These heroes expose the need for more clinics, more healthcare centers, more hospitals. “The grand solution.”

Three: Globally, there is great disparity in medical care for the rich and the poor. This disparity must be overcome. This is the great mission.

Four: These are all lies.

Five: And many doctors, medical bureaucrats, pharma executives, researchers, and NGO organizations know these are lies.

Six: No bacteria/virus-epidemic will ever…

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Now we come to vaccines and depopulation experiments


They want to kill you and make money while they do it
Of course to have the power to kill you they need to be top dog and have the money interest in order to maintain the power to kill on a global level

CDC centres for disease (baby ) control
So yes they treat babies as a disease they want to vaccinate against them, and if they come then attack them in any way they can, disease induced by vaccines straight to the blood brian barrier and then hopefully give them a degenerative brain disease like autism, or if they grow, though more and more vaccines eventually give them ALZHEIMER’S in old age, or PARKINSOn’S disease, or whatever they can do to kill steal and destroy
They will try to do.
And if you get one of them old age vaccine induced diseases like ALZHEIMER’S for instance, they will torture you will their neuroleptic psyche drugs, so not only will you not remember anything, you will go through a living hell in your last days, suffering from the drugs that induce psychosis.

They are your enemy and your families enemy
Literal Devils in men control this evil misuse of science.
And it is purposeful and intended.
Just like the nazis in fact, that is what they are.

The late well-known journalist, Alexander Cockburn, on the op ed page of the LA Times on September 8, 1994, in his piece “Real U.S. Policy in Third World: Sterilization : Disregard the ‘empowerment’ shoe polish–the goal is to keep the natives from breeding,” reviewed the infamous Kissinger-commissioned 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200, “which addressed population issues.”

Stop the female body from recognizing a state of pregnancy. Get the body to treat the natural hormone hCG as an intruder, a disease agent, and mobilize the forces of the immune system against it. Create a synthetic effect, an engineered effect, by which the mother’s “maternal endocrine system” does not swing into gear when pregnancy occurs. The result? The embryo in the mother is swept away by her next period—since hGC, which signals the existence of the pregnancy and halts menstruation cycles, is now treated as a disease entity.

More in the article

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Now we come to vaccines and depopulation experiments

by Jon Rappoport

September 15, 2014


“When the State offers and even insists on giving everybody something, you know you’re in trouble. Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Leaving the individual out of the equation. Treating the population like a single Blob.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Before we get to vaccines, I want to give you a quote about fluorides, just to set the stage.

Stan Freni is a researcher who, in 1994, wrote a paper about fluorides, the substances in many toothpastes, also pumped intentionally into the drinking water of many communities and cities.

Funny thing is, Stan Freni wrote his paper as an employee for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The title of the paper is “Exposure to High Fluoride Concentrations in Drinking Water is Associated With Decreased Birth Rates.”

It was published in the Journal…

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19 September : Queen Forever Exciting news! Brian May & Roger Taylor will be on radio 2 on 19 September An announcement? New album?

This has been going on for ages and I am sick to death of it!

Ok why is it that when I write a tag for Freddie Mercury’s name it constantly flips to lowercase, even though I made sure it was updated in correct capitalisation ?
Then after saving the post it reverts to lowercase?
This does not happen with other peoples names.

I had to put his surname first in order to stop it doing it!

Yes that all really..

But it is Exciting news, because of the Queen Forever new album with Michael Jackson and Freddie track Victory etc. So Brian May & Roger Taylor will be on BBC radio 2 on the morning of Friday , 19 September 2014, on the Chris Evans breakFast show .

An announcement? New album?
I hope it’s the new album
As for the biopic? Not unless Jeremy is starring will that ever happen.
It will be the New album Queen Forever, now I think, I hope so anyway.

That’s all – Genesis

Pediatricians Recommend Poisoning Newborns in the Womb


They want to infect your babies and children and YOU

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Pediatricians Recommend Poisoning Newborns in the Womb


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Hey BBC liars! 1954 PHOTOS SHOW STONEHENGE BEING BUILT next the Pyramids!!

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Jeremy Kapone September 11 2014

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Jeremy  Kapone concert poster September 2014

Jeremy Kapone concert poster September 2014

Jeremy Kapone  Freddie Mercury biopic poster

Jeremy Kapone Freddie Mercury biopic poster

Black Queen Medley Rainbow 74 the sheer heart attack Tour – Queen

5 star album review for Queen live at the rainbow 74 sunday Mail September 7 2014

5 star album review for Queen live at the rainbow 74 sunday Mail September 7 2014

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97% Ohio Mumps Outbreak 97% Vaccinated

Ohio Mumps Outbreak 97% Vaccinated


Brain-Damaged UK Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine to Get £60 Million Compensation

Brain-Damaged UK Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine to Get £60 Million Compensation

By Tom Porter
March 2, 2014 14:40 BST

Pictured- Bottles of Pandemrix, used as a vaccination against swine flu, now banned for those under 20.

Patients who suffered brain damage as a result of taking a swine flu vaccine are to receive multi-million-pound payouts from the UK government.

The government is expected to receive a bill of approximately £60 million, with each of the 60 victims expected to receive about £1 million each.

Peter Todd, a lawyer who represented many of the claimants, told the Sunday Times: “There has never been a case like this before. The victims of this vaccine have an incurable and lifelong condition and will require extensive medication.”

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91% Fully Vaccinated Involved in Pertussis Outbreak

91% Fully Vaccinated Involved in Pertussis Outbreak


UN admits it has no clue on climate!

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

UN admits it has no clue on climate!

by Jon Rappoport

April 5, 2012.

The much-awaited SREX report is out from the IPCC.


The UN’s very official key group that touts manmade global warming is the IPCC. It’s the scientific spear that lances the boil called “sociologically diseased global-warming skeptics.”

The IPCC’s SREX report is a tome on the subject of extreme climate changes.

Media outlets, falling into line with the Globalist agenda of go-green decimate-industry drive-us-all-into-underground-enclaves-to-escape-the-warming-disaster, have spun this SREX report as a further warning to the people of Earth.

But at omnologos.com, they actually read the SREX, and they found a fascinating FAQ. Question 3.1 asks: Is the Climate Becoming More Extreme?

And after perhaps a 1000 words of hemming and hawing about various interpretations of that question and what would be needed to answer it, in terms of actual measuring instruments, the authors—220 authors from…

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CDC whistleblower: behind the media blackout

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CDC whistleblower: behind the media blackout

by Jon Rappoport

September 14, 2014


Aside from a few bland stories about William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, the major media have maintained a forced blackout.

Thompson has publicly admitted he and his co-authors committed gross fraud in erasing a vaccine-autism connection.

Consider the explosive angles on this story, angles which would ordinarily rate front-page coverage and top billing on the evening news.

Thompson, in writing, has admitted fraud. He was a co-author of the cooked and slanted 2004 study, published in the prestigious journal, Pediatrics.

That study gave a free pass to the MMR vaccine, and falsely denied the vaccine had any causal connection to autism.

This never happens—an author of a key study comes out in the open and says he and his co-authors are guilty of malfeasance and fraud. Are you kidding? That alone equals a big story.

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Who is Censoring the Internet? …..The CDC

CDC wants to censor the internet

Ebola Making Disease Profitable with Experimental Vaccine

Ebola Making Disease Profitable


Pediatricians Recommend Poisoning Newborns in the Womb

Pediatricians Recommend Poisoning Newborns in the Womb


25 Vaccines That Contain Carcinogens

25 Vaccines That Contain Carcinogens

Great site ExperimentalVaccines.org
Get all your killer vaccine / Ebola etc updates from Here


Sandy hook – the biggest gun running operation in Connecticut history – the Latin kings George Uzar Chistopher Rodea lanzas car

The link between the biggest ever gun running operation in Connecticut history and the sandy hook media event

Interestingly enough, at least one child witness statement seems to describe a Latin looking shooter?
If I remember correctly

But I ask all to read this piece knowing this Latin kings and all the other sandy hook characters in this particular piece could be just part of the script, and invented by evil geniuses to provide never ending seeming real links and a never ending trail of conspiracy puzzles .

The other Fast and Furious?

George Uzar is the person convicted for gun running for the Latin kings.
He virtually got let off

The person who was on the police radio having the licence number of the suspects vehicle come back as belonging to them
Was Christopher Rodea .

Christopher Rodea shared a house with George Uzar.
He and Rodea lived at the same Address and lived at the house at the same time .

The mysterious media figure, Nancy Lanza, alleged mother of Computer generated fake mug shot figure, Adam Lanza , was related to George Uzar by marriage

George Uzar as well as gun running for the Latin kings was also operating and gun running from his own antisemitic nazi racist website just like Keith Johnson and the Jew hating racist people who are working with a Jewish sandy hook father,who’s son is an alleged victim of the sandy hook media event.

Some people think it mighty strange indeed that team up
A Jewish father working with rabid neo nazi anti-Semites, Keith Johnson and that Spingola neo nazi anti Semite “woman”

Some people have speculated in an attempt to find a logical reason for this incongruous teaming up of a Jewish man with such rabid antisemitic, Holocaust denying racists , offering that maybe there is some blackmail going on, the reason for which, having to do somehow with, neo-nazis groups, and now it seems, you could say, the George Uzar connection to the same neo nazi groups and gun running and sandy hook.

The neo nazi gun runner George uzar connection

George Uzar the neo nazi gun runner has has this connection to sandy hook key players, related to the mother no less of the supposed killer, and the sharing a house with the man who’s licence plate was (according to the police radio) , given after the sand hook suspects car had a licence plate check run on it.

And now amazingly Andy hook has a neo nazi connection because of a Jewish sandy hook parent!
Who has a connection to neo nazis media who support him in his quest to silence anybody trying to find out what the sandy hook media event was all about.
you could not make it up

But it gets even more unbelievable concerning Christopher Rodea

Just more questions, not implying this is what happened, but it raises interesting questions. Nancy Lanza related by marriage to gun runners George and Patrick Uzar, busted by FBI ATF May 2011 in biggest gun running bust in Stamford’s history which included 16 Latin Kings, multiple Untracable Machine Guns made by Uzar, and drugs of all sorts- not a typical family. Epic plea bargain after over 1 year investigation by ATF into this, Seems silly to drop most charges and virtually let them walk. What was involved in the deal that they made for such a sweet lax sentence? Just curious.Was Nancy privey to gun running? Why wouldnt this be investigated especially when Christopher Rodia’s address is listed officially as the address of George Uzar(Related by marriage to Nancy through Barbara copolla Lanza)….too many links….more questions…..what a cluster f**k – still want some TRUTH, So continue looking…………….Much love. God bless

Amazingly all through the weekend there were reports of threats against St rose of lima.

It being the place were a drill was being held the very. Or Ming of sandy hooks media event, it’s leader covered up the fact that it was merely a drill going on at his church and adjoining school, mr Weiss instead for 3 years got paid to tell his gripping story to the mainstream media.
Anyhow st rose of lima got all those continued ” threats””
But what is very very strange
Is that:

The name
Christopher Rodea
Saint rose
Or in other words st rodea
As the surname Rodea is a form of Rhodea

Rhodia means rose

Rhodia meaning and name origin

Rhodia \r-hodia, rho-dia\ as a girl’s name has the meaning “rose; from Rhodes” and is a variant of Rhoda (Greek, Latin): see also Rosa. Also a variant of Rose (Latin): flower name from rosa.
Read more at http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/0/Rhodia#KJ2fhcFWOqaUiGlO.99

St Rhodia of lima
Or St Rose Of Lima
Or Christopher Rodea of lima

Full circle
Christopher Rodea
As in st rose of lima

Rodea pamper is in lima peru

And they certainly did pampar mr Rodea
Very forthrightly sending out a police statement he was not connected the licence plate and it was was a complete fluke his name came back after the run was done on the suspects licence plate number.

Yes Rodea spelt just like mr rodea’s surname is in LIMA
So we have another direct link to Rhodia of Lima Newtown CT
Where they were exposed as having NOT a live shooter
But staging a live shooter via a police Drill on the morning of the sandy hook media event

Weather forecast for
Rodea Pampa, Lima (Peru)
Updated at 14:04. Next update around 3:00.
Add to My places


Oh and I nearly forgot
Even though it’s a catholic “church” and that is antichrist in reality

There is another thing

St rose church

And st Rodea

His first name is Christopher (allegedly that is)
Christopher means one who bears Christ
A st saint
is one who bears Christ in himself also.
So from Christopher we have the word
For a saint is one who bears christ in themselves
Or in their heart/inner being.

The term saint was originally used to denote a follower of Christ until it was corrupted by the Catholic Church and became a title that could only be impart by the word of the one who claimed to be in place of , or vicar or , Christ.

Such a man is anti Christ , the false father, for there is no holy father but the true Holy God the Father.
So such a title should never be given to any man in any spiritual sense as it is blasphemous to give man the very title that the Lord himself used for his own Father.

And the corrupt teachings of such as comes out of the mouths of these false so called holy fathers , speaks for themselves, and their wicked un- spiritual self aggrandising words and titles reveal their lack of anything to do with God’s authority; his truth ; his sovereignty ; his Word; his Holiness.

For they violate and disobey All that God taught, and just like the devil himself, seek to replace him , claiming they are to be named , The Holy Father.

May The Lord himself rebuke such false teachers, men who are blinded of the devil and who like him, Sought to destroy Gods people , persecuted tortured and fought bloody wars against humanity and men who’s so called church still does covertly.

They seek that which the devil seeks, Jerusalem, and the destruction of men’s souls via the lies of the dragon, the one who looks like a lamb but speaks blasphemous impertinent lies, false teachings lies and deceptions , that are designed to blind men from the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, by replacing it with their false gospel of this world church that rose out of pagan Rome and has many other government led satellite daughters , daughters who Amazingly still to this day continue to honour it, even though it’s sins and crimes against God and Man are heaped as high a the heavens for all to see!

Yes this whore and it’s daughters are still
Still honoured by the world

Still loved by the world and it’s system!

18If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 19If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you


1These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. 2They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. 3And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me. 4But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.




If you cannot see the devil at work in the Catholic Church
You are spiritually blinded by satan himself

The nazis and the antichrists church Babylon the great the mother of harlots who’s symbol is the women dressed in Scarlett holding a golden cup, which is the symbol of the universal faith Or catholic faith for catholic means universal , it the FIDES of the Church of Rome
That church is not the church of Jesus Christ
It is the Blasphemous Universal Body of Rome
That is what it calls itself, the universal body of Rome, as church means body , temple,
and this universal body of Rome impersonates a Christian church yet does the deeds of the devil. Throughout its short history , it has done nothing but kill steal and destroy, the fruits of its father, the devil.

Many shall come in my name claiming I am the Christ

Jesus directly warned us about such false teachers

According to the whore of rome’s ( Babylon was a code word for Rome in early church times ) according tho the whores theology, everyone one of their priests is Christ, and they alone can forgive sins.
So if you don’t join up, apart at one time being put to death by them, you are tricked into thinking you cannot have your sins forgiven, unless you become part of their false church.

Black white Jew or Gentile
All are one in Jesus Christ,
There is no other way of mankind to reach true unity in a perfect sense.

But you have to make sure you are not tricked by the various false regions that impersonate Jesus .
And seek the true Jesus.
Now this is not difficult , but first you have to understand that his teaching and his words are to be believed, for you cannot believe in Jesus and be saved unless you believe in what he says.

Out of the Catholic Church every harlot has been born
Latter Day Saints born out of the Catholics and led by Catholics
Jehovah’s witnesses born out of a catholic deception
Islam constructed by the Catholics and money given to insure its success.

The false religions of the world all rally around the figure of the antichrist , I mean the pope, which means father.
All of these false religions acknowledge the pope as the head of all religions on earth , and they meet to form a one world church, as they call it.

Along with the political union they aim for a religious union.
But they are already spiritually united in fact by demons.

They are liars and teach men to worship dumb idols and pray to a false Christ they present to the world as Jesus.
But it is not the true Jesus they preach.

This is no different than those who opposed the apostles who like Present day catholic Rome , were false teachers opposing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ , yet the deflection was they were claiming to believe in a Jesus, just like the catholic church does. Yet they came with their own traditions, their own teachings, and their own gospels

In like manner the Catholic Church at first had different bible versions they wrote themselves , and they made sure to change the word of God.
They took out commandments
And they changed the book of genesis in the passage which describes how the seed of the woman will crush the serpents head, they changed that part to give pre eminence to the woman herself and not to the seed, which was Christ.
This is so they could get men to deify a false version of mary.

But let us examine exactly what rome’s church teaches.

Satan’s master doctrine is
The sinlessness of Mary ,

which according to all reason and the very word of God , is impossible.

For, all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory Of God

But their false teachings about Mary, reveal another trait of satan, they seek to rob God of his glory.

So their Jesus must sanction their false teachings on Mary and everything else which is false that they teach , such as purgatory, and praying to men’s names , which they decide are saints because they said so after they died, because they were faithful to the whores propagation of religious deceptions and degradations disguised as charitable works, such as the terribly poor conditions mother Theresa operated in the Calcutta with ill people lying on cold stone slabs in the name of poverty!

While the whore is accustomed to luxuries , wrapped in warmth in gold and precious stones!

The true Jesus does not agree with all those teachings.

And the bible the word of God, that Rome forbid any man to read, for only the roman church’s preists were allowed and could read it, and they only read what they chose and were told by the authority above them, the church council, to read and in it was read Latin, a language not even spoken by people in olden times as it was the language of a last empire, that of imperial Rome!

The bible disagrees with their false teachings
And obviously if God HAS DECIDED to communicate with man via his words, then his word is paramount for man to hear.

And as Jesus himself said
Man does not live on bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

Yet the world listens to what comes out of the mouth of the dragon lamb, the lamb that speaks like the dragon
That is , they listen to catholic Rome.

I don’t
I listen to what Jesus said and what his apostles heard from the Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth.

I reject the mother of abominations and so should all of you.
For she is of satan.

The enemy knew this, for he knew that God communicated his plan of salvation to man via the word of God contained in the bible which he says he will protect for eternity.

And so the devil knew and knows without access to the word of God, that his dragon beasts could change add to and corrupt the gospel and distract man with something that appears to be Christian and something that appears to be of Christianity but isn’t , which is what the purpose of setting up the roman universal body was, to stop men knowing Gods salvation through the good news of THE TRUE Gospel of the True JESUS CHRIST
The son Of God , the only saviour and Christ.

You see it pleases the devil if men are not worshipping the true JESUS
But instead, have been deceived into following a man made version of a JESUS , and also caught up in following the false teachings of the false church that preaches that false CHRIST.

Obviously that does not please God though.
And stops men from receiving belief in exactly what GOD offers them, salvation through faith in his son.
Justified through faith , By grace and not by works.
A free gift. Which outwardly produces good works but is not given by respect of works but by Grace, a free gift, a free salvation that is irrevocable and eternal.

But they, the roman whore murdered anyone who had a bible.
They tuned away the hungry
They crushed the sick
They destroyed the stranger

And they Serve the devils purpose in this way
Helping to deceive men and keep them away from the life that GOD sent his son to die to give him.
And IT , this evil wicked false church, the Roman Catholic Church, deceives the whole world, as the book of revelations says they do.

There are many many false teachings to choose from, that form the basis of the Catholic Churches theology and makes up its entire teachings, all of them are as lethal , deceptive and bad as the others, as they are all based in the dragons teachings and are designed to contradict God’s word, and keep men busy with useless religious rituals as the bible calls them, instead of believing the simple truth of the glorious good news of Jesus Christ, but let us keep it a simple as possible.

If they torture go to war heap riches upon themselves , blasphemous insult God by claiming his very title , and have in the past , as apart of their official policy; murdered Christians ; Jews and others.
Please please ! then! understand the spiritual truth, simply, that they ARE NOT OF GOD and never were.
Because we are not talking about the actions of lone rebels
We are talking about the results of their official papal bulls, their evil satanicly inspired official laws!

The roman church came into being by a direct contradiction of Gods own word via a blasphemy, this was birth of the Catholic Church was officially in around 300 ad , that is three hundred years after the early church was founded by Jesus himself and after all teachings were given from heaven to the disciples and the early churches were set and and then persecuted by imperial Rome to stamp them out.
Here is the direct blasphemy that surrounds how The roman dragons church was founded, it was officially founded by Constantine because he claimed he could fight and win a war by following a sign he saw in the sky, in the shape of a cross in the sun , they or he claimed that as Christianity, to put it simply.
So from its origins you can plainly see it is NOT OF God.
For a start the modern form of a cross or crucifix was not the biblical one.

If anything , because such use of symbols is not part of faith
As living by symbols is living not by faith but by those useless rituals the bible talks about.
The description of Christ’s crucifixion however , is graphically described in these words from the bible as being crucified to a tree

21For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: 22Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: 23Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously: 24Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. 25For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

as such the representation of Christ’s death is sufficiently given in the word of God ,

and no such symbol of a cross is required,

yet the depiction of a cross as we know it today is not As the bible describes it, for the cross we know today is not a tree.

But that commonly known cross symbol comes itself from Catholicism and not the word of God.

Yet the word of God is in itself sufficient
For God did hot command the use of any symbol other than the bread and wine to remember Christ’s death by or with.

Indeed the devil in his craftiness made sure that Jehovah’s witnesses talk about the tree and Christ arms bring above his head, this is the way these deceptions are used by satan.

For, to God, the accepting of the word he sent is what he intended and deems important , not a religious a deferrable to a piece of jewellery

that in truth really has a false erroneous origin, born out out catholic devilish myths

and he certainly did not intend an empire to claim they could regain from their soon fall by trusting in a cross sun idol and by doing so win their bloodthirsty war and then in obedience to the author of such lies and murder, the devil,set about corrupting the world through a false church claiming sole authority in matters of God and claiming it is of him!
When obviously it is not!

But explaining that as it is, d

oes not equate any real problem in regards to even most Christians using the traditional symbol as a sign of Christ’s death,
But in itself a symbol has no power and should not be used a some sort of thing that is holy
What is holy is Gods word and belief in it
Belief in what it says about Christ’s death and resurrection.

What is not holy Is an a inaccurate symbol
Even if it was accurate it could still not be truly holy
For the gospel is believed by faith and faith comes not from jewels in a cross shape but by hearing
And hearing by the word of God
Who has believed our report?

but it is true to say, that in reality the true symbols Christ intended of his death were the bread and wine, which are eaten and drank in Remembrance of him, and are God sanctioned symbols in order to proclaim the fact of his death until he comes again.
This is symbolic of his death until he returns
All prior religious symbols were to do with his coming
And so are redundant.
Because he fulfilled them in reality
So no symbol was needed.
His death is proclaimed until he returns, which has not yet occurred. So therefore the remembrance by the symbols of bread and wine is valid.

This war reference found in the catholic myth about Constantine links straight back into the book of revelation and what it says about the catholic lamb ( that looks like the lamb of God) but that speaks like the dragon.

1And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 2And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 3And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 4And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? 5And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. 6And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

7And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. 8And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. 9If any man have an ear, let him hear. 10He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

The Beast Out of the Earth
11And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 12And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 13And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, 14And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. 15And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

The Mark of the Beast
16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.


The use of religious statues and imagery and biblical names does not make them of God either

For Jesus warned,

many shall come in my name claiming I am he
But do not follow them

For the Catholic Church is described more than once in the book of revelation, as well as described as the mother of harlots ruling the kings of the earth,

it is also described as the second beast that comes up out of the earth,

in the book of revelation this second beast which receives power from the first beast, that has one head wounded, is said to Look like a lamb yet is also described as speaking ( teaching ) like a dragon,

which means like the devil, Satan , that old serpent, but yet looking like the lamb of God, Jesus, Yet acting on behalf of the first best which receives it’s throne; power; and kingdom from the dragon, meaning from , satan and this lamb like beast opposes God and his Christ, just like the first beast before it, who’s power it exorcises in the first beasts presence.

This to me speaks of Rome falling
And the saving of the area of its empire by the coming of the
Catholic roman who’re, which took all roman authority and even the chief high priest title of the former roman emperors, pontious maximus,

A title which was officially given to the papacy with the full blessings of the Romans under Justinian I think, who was one of the last emperors of rome’s empire.

But truly Rome’s empire power carried on in the form of the Roman Catholic whore.

Yes , now we can see it deceives by looking as if it is of Jesus Christ,
by disguising itself to look like a lamb!

Indeed the mother of harlots and it’s daughters are Rome and the state churches,
The whore Babylonian Roman institution, which greedily seeks gold ; blood ; war and lies consistently in order to enlarge satan’s power on earth, in direct spiritual opposition to Christ’s kingdom, is revealed .

This message is not about mankind but about the enemy of God.

I pray all turn to Christ Jesus.

Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are. 12While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled.


St rose
St Rodea
And Christopher Rodea
Means exactly the same thing!


Were those threats in reality a coded threat aimed at Mr Rodea to keep quiet?
Considering how he was related to all this
First by having his name come back on the number/ licence plate check;
His living with George Uzar, the man responsible for the biggest gun running operation on Connecticut history, and George Uzar being related to Nancy Lanza by marriage.

And considering their was no real threat or real lockdown at st rose that morning, only police with hands up posing as assailants in a drill.
I wonder was his name meaning a convenient coincidence for them.
And seeing as the the police publicly stressed an exoneration for mr Rodea and him only did they stress in a press release such a direct statement of his innocence in the matter , when there were other persons who’s reputation was somewhat sullied apparently by being named as suspects, such as Mr Manfredonia and another man, an off duty tactical s swat officer , who it was reported was caught in the woods .
They both received no such direct exoneration by a direct police statement to the press.
But mr Rodea did, and yet was, you could say, by the coincidence of his name meaning saint rose, continually threatened every time a new threat against st rose was reported on tv over that weekend and the ensuing days months .

Nazis 1994 Roger Taylor

The Marvellous Health of unvaccinated Children

– JUNE 25, 2010
Françoise Berthoud, MD [paediatrician]
June 25, 2010
Once upon a time, in April 2009 to be exact, I was invited to give a speech at a conference on vaccination. I was to talk after two of the best speakers France has to offer on the subject had their turn, journalist Sylvie Simon and biologist Michel Georget. At hearing them speak in the past, it was absolutely clear to me that the best option is to stay as far away from vaccines as possible. I just did not know what to do instead to best assure staying alive and well.

As a paediatrician and homeopath qualified to speak on the subject, I decided to setup a conference called The Marvellous Health of Unvaccinated Children along with my friends, Sylvie and Michel. This work would later evolve into a book that analyses various life choices often made by families that do not vaccinate, including home birth, breastfeeding, simple therapies, good food (often vegetarian), a tranquil living environment and trust in the capacity of the body to heal itself.
In my life as a paediatrician, I had spent lots of time in dialogue with the parents who often needed to voice their fears about both disease and vaccines. We worked out together the best route for their children. Some chose not to vaccinate at all. Others held onto fear of disease, especially tetanus. In those cases, we postponed vaccination as much as possible and used a homeopathic protection and “cleansing” called nosode.
I worked in Switzerland where there is no real legal obligation to vaccinate, only great social pressure. In France, just a few kilometres from my office, there were four compulsory vaccinations at the time (BCG was fortunately removed in 2007, and three remain: Di Te Pol).
Some of the basis of my ability to speak on the marvellous health of unvaccinated children comes from my personal experience as a medical doctor, having collected years of feedback.
“My child began coughing immediately after the vaccination.”
“He has had constant ear aches since he was vaccinated.”
“My 16 years old daughter is completely unvaccinated. She is almost never sick. If she does get sick, it’s two days at the most.”
“The neighbour’s kids followed normal vaccination guidelines. They are constantly sick and on antibiotics.”
That was not enough upon which to write a book; however. As it would turn out, I found these observations were paralleled over and over again all over the world. Follow me around the planet.

In England, Michel Odent, MD showed in two studies that children having received no Pertussis vaccine had 5-6 times less asthma than those who were vaccinated for it. The first study was on 450 babies from La Leche League; the second one on 125 children in a Steiner school. (1)
Throughout Europe, a group of mostly paediatricians studied 14,893 children in Steiner schools in Austria, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland and found that children living in “anthroposophist culture” (where vaccination is largely shunned) were in better health than the controls. (2)
In Germany, one of the European Steiner schools study researchers wrote, “In the eastern part of Berlin before the fall of the wall, we saw less allergies than in the west. This population was poorer, nearer nature and less vaccinated.” Too much hygiene is not always good. As UK researcher and originator of the “hygiene hypothesis” David Strachan might say, “give us this day our daily germs”.
In Spain, Xavier Uriarte, MD and J. Manuel Marín, MD published a study in 1999 on 314 children they followed between 1975 to 2000. (3) This group of children is characterized by a majority of homebirth or natural births, prolonged breastfeeding, no vaccinations, holistic health education and no allopathic medicine. There were no serious diseases, few hospitalisations (mostly for traumas), and 3.3% asthma compared to the 20% in the general population. And of course, a lot of money was spared!

The rate of autism in the U.S. is now an unthinkable 1 in 100. Those who are unvaccinated boast numbers that run in shocking contrast to the nation’s statistics. As this article is directed to the American people, I will not go on at length here. Most of you know the work of your very own journalist Dan Olmsted showing the incredible absence of autism in the unvaccinated Amish communities of Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Further impressive is Chicago-based Homefirst Medical Clinic run by a group of doctors including medical director Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH. They have no known autism and super-scarce allergies in their children, many of whom were home deliveries, and most of whom have had no vaccinations. In 1985, I translated to French U.S. paediatrician Robert Mendelssohn, MD’s How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor. Now I find concrete result in the marvellous health of kids whose doctors are his pupils! I like these synchronicities in my life.
In 1942, Leslie Owen Bailey, founder of the Natural Health Society of Australia, accepted guardianship of 85 children whose mothers were unable to care for them. Among these 85 children, no vaccinations were ever given, no drugs were ever taken or used, and no operations were ever performed. The only malady that occurred was when 34 of the children developed chicken pox. They were immediately put to bed and given only pure water or fresh fruit juice. They all recovered quickly without after-effects. Investigations revealed that these children whilst at school had been swapping their healthy lunches for unhealthy conventional foods, so this outbreak was not altogether surprising.
Many of these children inherited poor health due to a history of illness and malnourishment in their mothers. Despite this, and the fact that they were never breastfed nor could enjoy the normal bonding of mother to child, they were able to grow into sturdy, self-reliant children.
Two studies done in New Zealand in 1992 and 1995 show that the unvaccinated children clearly have less allergies, less otitis (ear aches), less tonsillitis, less running noses, less epilepsies and less ADHD. (4)
An interesting period in Japan was 1975-1980, when a decision was made to begin the first vaccinations at two years of age instead of at two months. The reason was that more and more was discovered linking vaccines and cot-death (SIDS). A study was published in Pediatrics showing that from 1970 to January 1975, there were 57 cases of serious vaccine reactions, including 37 deaths. From February 1975 to August 1981 there were eight cases of serious vaccine reactions, including three deaths. Unfortunately for kids and their parents, the Japanese vaccination plan is now “normalized” again. The study shows well that the immune system is stronger at two years than at two months. How well would these kids have done had they not been vaccinated at all?
We find the same observation in a Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology study. Of 11,531 children studied at age seven, here are the results: vaccinated at two months, 13.8% are asthmatic, vaccinated between two and four months, 10.3%, vaccinated after four months, 5.9 %. Again, how well would these kids have done had they not been vaccinated at all?
As a concerned, compassionate and considerate paediatrician, I can only arrive at one conclusion. Unvaccinated children have by far the best chance of enjoying marvellous health. Any vaccination at all works to cripple the chances of this end.


1) http://www.birthworks.org/primalhealth
2) Allergic diseases and atopic sensitization in children related to farming and anthroposophic lifestyle – Persifal study. Allergy 2006, 61 (4) : 414-421.
3) http://www.vacunacionlibre.org
4) http://www.ias.org.nz
– See more at: http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2010/06/25/the-marvellous-health-of-unvaccinated-children/#sthash.GHODLCm3.dpuf


Foo Fighters tease more UK dates with a picture of Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury

Foo Fighters tease more UK dates with a picture of Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury
They look set to perform at more venues across the UK this year

Foo  Fighters Tweet picture of Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson

Foo Fighters Tweet picture of Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson

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All my life Foo Fighters


Ebola: the covert op of modern medicine


Generally speaking, when a healthy person naturally engages with certain germs, he mounts a full and acute inflammatory response, during which he throws off the germ.

This inflammatory response has visible markers; for example, fever, rashes, spots, swelling.

These are labeled “symptoms of the disease.” Actually, they aren’t symptoms. They’re signs that the body is doing its job.

Vaccines, with their immunosuppressive effects, weaken and damp down the full inflammatory response. Therefore, the visible “symptoms” don’t occur.

And doctors claim this Absence means the person has acquired immunity from the disease targeted by the vaccine.

Not so. Other “symptoms” will occur and will become visible, as the body tries to fight against the toxic elements in the vaccine.

Doctors say, “Look here. Different symptoms. This is a different disease. We eradicated the other disease with the vaccine. Now we have to develop a vaccine and drugs against this one…”

On and on it goes. Polio becomes meningitis. Measles becomes encephalitis.

At every step, the person’s immune system becomes weaker, because he is being subjected to germs and toxic chemicals, in vaccines, injected directly into the body, bypassing many centers of immune defense.

In West Africa, during the last five years, several vaccine campaigns have been launched: yellow fever, polio, meningitis. Given to people whose immune systems are already teetering on the edge of collapse, the effects are devastating.

But of course, no one says, “Vaccine-induced disease and destruction.” Instead, they say, “Heroic efforts are being made to reverse the ongoing health crisis in Liberia.”

Every time a new “epidemic” comes along—HIV, West Nile, SARS, bird flu, Swine Flu, Ebola—the propaganda machines goes to work with, “Germ, germ, germ, germ.”

This cover story fortifies and controls the false public perception of what disease is all about. It’s a poster ad.

“In order to fight the heinous virus, doctors are our only recourse. Without them and their potions, we are powerless.”

This is exactly the goal of the overall covert op.

The customer not only wants the product. He believes he can’t live without it.

Read more below

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Ebola: the covert op of modern medicine

By Jon Rappoport
September 13, 2014

“Tell them the biggest lie, yes. But they have to want the kind of lie you’re telling. It has to give them equal parts fear and fascination.” (Ellis Medavoy, retired propaganda operative)

“Overwhelmed.” “Can’t contain.” “Rapid spread.” Crossed borders.” “Predicting five million deaths.” “Too late to stop it.”

These and other familiar terms are stock-in-trade for the disease propaganda establishment.

The word “outbreak,” of course, is at the top of the list.

It suggests that the population in question is otherwise healthy—but suddenly people are dropping like flies.

In West Africa, for example, where global attention is focused on Ebola, “otherwise healthy” is a cynical myth.

Contaminated water; a decade of brutal war displacing huge numbers of people; chronic grinding poverty; severe malnutrition and starvation; inherently toxic vaccines and medicines that are devastating to people whose…

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Bombshell: The journal Pediatrics—fraud, brain damage, follow the money

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Bombshell: Journal of Pediatrics—fraud, brain damage, follow the money

by Jon Rappoport

September 12, 2014


The hits keep coming in the CDC whistleblower scandal.

Sharyl Attkisson has interviewed a representative at Pediatrics, the journal that published the 2004 study CDC whistleblower William Thompson co-authored.

Thompson, as everybody now knows, admitted fraud in that study. Vital data were omitted. Data that would have indicted the MMR vaccine as a cause of autism.

But Pediatrics now officially refuses to retract the 2004 study it published.

Attkisson was unable to get a straight answer to the question, “Did you recently interview Thompson?”

From all indications, the journal didn’t talk to Thompson. They consulted, instead, the other co-authors, including DeStefano and Boyle, who are also major executives at the CDC, who are still lying and committing fraud.

Good work, Pediatrics. You’re aiding and abetting fraud, and vaccine-induced brain damage.

The co-author…

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Memory of a free Festival

Memory of a free festival – David Bowie


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Jeremy Kapone September 11 2014

Jeremy  Kapone concert poster September 2014

Jeremy Kapone concert poster September 2014

Jeremy Kapone  Freddie Mercury biopic poster

Jeremy Kapone Freddie Mercury biopic poster

Black Queen Medley Rainbow 74 the sheer heart attack Tour – Queen

5 star album review for Queen live at the rainbow 74 sunday Mail September 7 2014

5 star album review for Queen live at the rainbow 74 sunday Mail September 7 2014


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