Queen + Fun = Johnny Rotten?

A while back i saw Fun performing at a festival. So it is a coincidence they were sharing the stage with Queen at the Iheart radio music festival in Las Vegas last night.
Back when i first saw their lead singer i was about to post on how he reminded me of Johnny Rotten of the sex pistols, at least in body shape. I never got round to posting him as a possible Johnny Rotten to compliment My Sid Vicious actor( Max Irons).
But now, i thought I may as well propose Fun lead singer as a possible actor for the part of Johnny Rotten , considering the part will be very brief and may not even be a speaking part, as if you look at the context of Queen’s helping The sex pistols to make their hit album, you see that although Brian May taught them how to play parts of their guitar, it was Sid Vicious who had the main run in with them, and that was a one liner dumbness from Sid taunting Freddie about his Ballet exploits.
Johnny Rotten himself was described as quiet and studious and polite, sat in the corner reading a book.
Nate Ruess, Funs lead Singer looks the part, could look studious, has the right body size and shape, but i would not attempt lines, i would backdrop him without any fuss or fanfare very subtlety to Sid’s confrontation, so as not to make a pigs ear of the acting.
And a note:
I see grain, gloomy darkrooms, and moodiness for this backdrop out- for their’s is no light, on their side is the dark ages of the dumbness of the punk movement, that was in reality only a music industry ploy to take back power from music royalty.
Yes, only Queen and Freddie have the light – this is a doorway exchange, and one is of light the other shadows, into the darkness of the unenlightened, groping about, victims of the svengali’s trick on them! HA HA HA

Of course the ONLY REASON The Sex Pistols were the ONLY GREAT punk band was because of Queen teaching them how to play their instruments, shame they didn’t learn some ballet moves.

I have noticed sometimes they actually do give lines to people who cannot act, and it does mess movies up, and that is one thing that must NEVER happen in this movie.

Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten

Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess

Sheer Heart Attack by Queen (The first PUNK Record written in 1974)

The Time of all the above-

London at dawn resplendent , awaiting the coming days of celebration of the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977

London at dawn resplendent , awaiting the coming days of celebration of the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977

An alternative take on the confrontation has VICIOUS AND ROTTEN crawling on their hands and knees sneaking into Queen’s recording session and or studio- while Freddie Mercury was sat playing the Piano, the exchange ensued from that childish game.

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One thought on “Queen + Fun = Johnny Rotten?

  1. Lisa December 1, 2013 at 23:57 Reply

    Sid Vicious should be played by Josh Hartnett. They look so similar!!!!

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