The Freddie Gorilla Conspiracy designed by Borat created for fools

Ok, I am well used to be called stupid crazy and for 6 years used to be booted out of every Queen forum or website to do with them, forums that are secretly run by Queen’s very own Stasi undercover agents.
But seriously and in all sobriety, I put it to you now, that if you, as a member of the general public, believe the story about the Freddie Mercury Gorilla , you are officially as mentally deficient as the goofy thing looked!

So you think any working commissioned artist would have created this by accident?

So you think any working commissioned artist would have created this by accident?

The hideous papier-mâché sculpture became the focus of an orchestrated publicity campaign of QPR MT and Dr Brain May’s well publicised outrage, back in the summer of 2013.

But the entire story was most certainly orchestrated, because no one in their right mind would create such a monstrous attack of Freddie Mercury’s image.

But here. we have to come back to those well paid undercover Queen Stazi agents, who go around doing little jobs for her majesty, on the occasion that something that is not going well needs fixing.

The problem at the time you see was this;
Brian May and Roger Taylor were aware of how obvious the piss take of Sacha Baron Cohen parading and degrading the image of Freddie Mercury through his Borat persona was becoming.

And so, they needed to change tacked.
As the work they had employed him to do,

(that being the work of completely and inexorably, linking that famed clones moustached image of Freddie to a world wide, very successfully ingrained, comedy persona known as Borat.

The objective being so, to turn Freddie’s most famous of looks to one of easy dismissal and a joke. And render it plausibly forever truly impossible to seriously replicate.)

On an aside
They had no worries about me coming up with Jeremy Kapone as they knew and still know I have no media power, and still don’t, but for one miserly mention in Contact-music, who’s site is now under attack, it’s search function no longer working after their daring to mention him.

But as soon as I had found the picture of Jeremy that he especially made and posted on his own personal Instagram account, they certainly did panic.

The picture was perfect. It was in a very high resolution, unlike all his other pics, and it was a picture where he showed how he could give a blindingly realistic Mercury look.

As soon as I had used it as it was, i set about incorporating it in a 70’s Queen picture, with Jeremy surrounded by the real Queen.
Because of the quality of the pic, I decided it was good enough to use as my banner pic that stuns everyone who visits this blog, and I expect most people mistake it for a picture of Freddie himself.

I carefully transplanted Freddie’s own moustache to Jeremy’s brilliant Freddie looking face, and blew the whole thing up to a massive size. And then the test came.I knew they had to react, and boy, didn’t they just!

I sent the pictures to Brian May’s email, careful to make sure he would see them. And then the rest is history.

Only a few hours later, when dawn arrived, I happened to take a look at the IMDb site and the Freddie Mercury biopic message board page, as was my habit. I was shocked to see a well known Borat fan who was constantly on the board, had posted the legend ‘Brian May says Sacha is not playing Freddie in the movie?’

It was a link to a fresh, just posted news story on entertainmentnewsuk up-to the minute entertainment news feed. The story stated that Brian May had been in touch with them and was announcing that Sacha Cohen SHALL NOT be playing Freddie in the biopic. The link to this is still up on my blog, at the top left of the page.

You need to understand this announcement was a long time before Sacha’s eventual News release via his management, saying he was leaving the role, and also saying something that was not true in regard to David Fincher {That also-was an attack on something else I had proposed, amazing as it sounds, but nonetheless, has to be true.}

I was not shocked at all by this news, although everyone else obviously was.

I was well aware of how much of a bad PR thing Sacha playing Freddie really was. I was for those years, amazed that Queen was seemingly serious about him in the role, knowing it was a total-insult to Freddie’s memory. But I thought Queen had been somehow deceived, and I could not being myself to see and face, the unthinkable, truth.

Anyway, this contact Brain May made came within literally hours of me sending him the pic you now see at the top of my blog every time you click on it.

I think that speaks volumes, and not much more needs to be said as it speaks for itself.

So back to the conspiracy that has now become obvious.
But, the above is a key, if not THE major part of it all, obviously.

The time of that roasting of Freddie was coming to it’s end. The effect of Cohen’s work was successful, and the damage truly done, but it had to be limited to that clone image, but for a few tidy ups, the whole enterprise was successful.

The most urgent of of these tidy ups, was always considered to be necessary from the outset. That essential tidy up, was to thoroughly negate any murmur of a suspicion about the why and wherefore Queen should be part of this obvious insulting of Freddie’ and his image via Borat.

Queen, in the form of remaining band members, Brian May and Roger Taylor along with their manager, Jim Beach, set about their already discussed measures to negate ANY suspicion they were really the master orchestrators of this apparent insulting of Freddie Mercury by linking his image to that of a piss-taking comic called Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen, who’s one and only serious interview in regards to his preparation for the prized roll as the King of Rock, consisted of him joking about the pains and discomfort of training up via trying out anal sex with a man he was according to him, now co-cohabiting with in a apartment somewhere.

And incredibly, Queen allowed for Freddie’s vocal talent to be mocked by Sacha, not doing anything about the media who were seriously with a straight face reporting he was taking singing lessons for the biopic. But they planned it, and would not intervene, as they actually wanted to plant the thought it was a possibility someone should sing in his place, and they still want that seen as possible and an option

This level of utter contempt worked well, along with the familiar rubbishing of Freddie’s looks, his famous moustache and short hair being instantly associated with Sacha Baron Cohen, seemed to not bother the public, so they got ready to make their own get out clause, and it was breathtaking in it’s utter audacity! by publicly taking the moral high ground! saying they did not want the portrayal of Freddie to become, and I quote, ‘a joke’.

Sacha Cohen was truly Queen’s number 1 agent in the preparation for the promised very serious shakespearean lead biopic, that they really planned all along.-

All planned

Once they had cleared the way to do it however they liked, without being burdened by the credibility factor of the essential ingredient of employing an actor resembling Freddie to a satisfactory extent.
And could get away with highlighting their own portrayals, by being done by actors of equal popularity, even if not greater celebrity to whoever they chose for the lead.

This was Sacha’s job to make it all possible and it was why Queen employed and retained him for over 4 years.
To ridicule their stumbling block’ the very very strong world recognised image of Freddie Mercury.

But at the end of his work, the damage they had done to Freddie’s very well known and fixed and most famous public image, could Not be allowed to backfire on them.

So they needed a way of reinforcing their public face, as THE faithful guardian’s and protectors of the royal image, that being protector of Freddie Mercury’s Image and Legacy.
So they rejected Cohen by taking a moral high ground stance
amazingly getting way with it!
when they themselves had orchestrated the complete onslaught on Freddie;s indelible image via Cohen, The Master of the publicity stunt, the master of insult!

So they came up with this too obvious to miss, monstrosity of an insult to Freddie in the form of the Freddie Go Go Ga Ga Gorilla- even the name is a piss take- they think you are ga ga for swallowing it all!

So now the plan was for Queen to publicly show how they disapproved of Freddie (and especially his image) being made a public joke of.

What double dealing! what clever media manipulators they are!

There fiendishness is utterly astounding in its complexity, their plans so well conceived but so obvious to anyone with the slightest insight and intelligence of just what they have been up to during this apparent fiasco in the run up to the actual making of the Freddie Mercury biopic.

The Biopic, which I reverentially call, Diana The movie Part II, as I was told to call it that, and because despite and in-spite of any success , that is what it in fact will be , and that is for a fact, what it is, and that is a fact.

Here is just some of the media spin story here, which provides ample insight into their operations.
Notice The Born Free foundation, a charity that Brian May works with, and that it was involved in putting the hideous thing up!

Freddie “Radio Go Go Gorilla” was taken from his plinth outside of The Forum in Norwich yesterday after organisers of GoGoGorillas! – a fundraising art trail – were contacted by Mercury Phoenix Trust, an Aids charity set up in memory of the Queen singer who died in 1991.

The sculpture is one of 53 differently designed apes to have taken up residence at sites across the city part of the project which is raising funds for Break and Born Free’s project to help lowland gorillas in the Congo.

It has emerged the Mercury Phoenix Trust has endorsed a fibreglass ‘lookalike’ life-size lion, painted in Freddie’s iconic Live Aid white and yellow striped jacket and trousers, which appeared in South Africa in March as part of a pride of 30 lion statues in Cape Town as part of an event in aid of the Born Free Foundation.

That’d be “Freddie Lyon” then, as in Ben Whishaw’s Character in The Hour tv show.
They knew and know exactly what they are doing.

Announce you concern

Brian went on a media spin investigation to find out why the Gorilla was disliked by Mercury Phoenix trust and also to find out who put it there, and who created it.

Brian May has announced he plans to “find out” why the Freddie Mercury estate complained about Go Go Gorilla on a Norwich conservation art trail.

All the headlines at first said he was angry the Gorilla was going to be taken down.

So after saying that he was angry the Gorilla was going to be taken down

He wanted to see the publics reaction to this hideous mockery of Freddie’s image, after he himself appeared to back it.

judge the reaction

Queen guitarist Brian May “thanked” twitter users for bringing the matter to his attention.

Read more:

say your angry gorilla was taken down

Queen guitarist Brian May voices anger over removal of Freddie Mercury Go Go gorilla from Norwich art trail
5 months ago via

then later on, he said he was glad it was taken down as in effect it attacked Freddie’s image.

So you think any working commissioned artist would have created this by accident?

So you think any working commissioned artist would have created this by accident?

7/16/2013 1:15 PM ET
Brian May has backed up Queen manager Jim Beach, who asked for a gorilla statue bearing the likeness of Freddie Mercury to be taken down. May says that Mercury’s estate did not block the statue but asked that it be reworked to be more respectful of Freddie’s memory.

The artist happened to be a great fan of Queen. well Quell Surprise! surprise, another Queen agent’

Jake Humphrey, who grew up in Norfolk, said the gorillas were “only there as a source of good”.

Brian May has announced he plans to “find out” why the Freddie Mercury estate complained about Go Go Gorilla on a Norwich conservation art trail
“I am a huge fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury,” he said.
“When I first heard we had a tribute gorilla I thought how fantastic the love of Freddie lives on in such a way that is still able to help good causes across Norfolk and provide such joy for so many people.
“I’d like the people who’ve made this decision to really think again.”

Then to top it all! the insulting Gorilla was returned after what Brian May called a face lift! The whole thing stinks of a racist slur on Freddie’s African Persian Asian heritage if you ask me. And it may be is also, a sure way of ridiculing those who ask for Freddie to be portrayed by an asian person in the biopic. Anyway you look at it, it is totally out of order and a utter insult!
even if it now actually looks like a Gorilla instead of someone suffering from Mongolism. But that is how they do it, they framed the whole thing so it was a question of it not looking enough like a Gorilla!! Yet the aim was and is this: it is still depicting Freddie as a Gorilla. Which they wanted to make the public believe is acceptable.

They wanted a means of apparently protecting Freddie’s image, intervening by him not looking like a Gorilla enough!

The insult is so deplorable i cannot grasp it!!

don’t you see what they do!!!?????

I am outraged by this, so now the public accept Freddie Mercury as being depicted by a Gorilla they except him being depicted and looking like anything but himself!!!!!!
even Ben Whishaw, and that is how they operate, but you are blind to the trickery.

I would like to see them get away with Jimmy Hendrix depicted as such or any other person of a foreign ethnicity.

Kids look in horror at the insulting return of the Freddie Gorilla

Kids look in horror at the insulting return of the Freddie Gorilla

The children look in horror at the thing as it is still hideous

So there you see the incredible spin of Queen
and I am merely portrayed as a fool, when In fact, everyone who believed anything during Sacha’s working for them, was in fact party to attacking Freddie’s image via Borat, they were the real fools and Queen fooled you all!
But do go on , call me a Liar, I am used to it.


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